Eyelash Extension Bonder – Super Bonder to Be Used with Eyelash Extension Glue, Professional Use, Faster Drying, Improves Retention, Waterproof, Odourless, No Irritation.

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  • NO MORE COMPLAINTS FOR EYELASH EXTENSION AFTERCARE – this unique product helps lash adhesive dry quickly creating flexible bond points. Lash Bonder accelerates adhesive dry time by instantly polymerizing glue. By accelerating dry time adhesive bonds are left flexible resulting in less breakage and better retention.
  • NO MORE ADHESIVE FUME FOR SENSITIVE USER – Lash bonder instantly cures the bond from the inside out and prevents shock curing. Fumes are locked in and prevented from causing irritation and sensitivity. Due to this speedy process, clients will experience zero to minimal irritation from fumes.
  • CLIONE PRIME LASH BONER GIVES YOU THE BEST EXPERIENCE WITH LITTLE NO IRRITATION FROM GLUE – As a Lash Artist our client’s safety is always our top priority. With the introduction of lash bonder artists can feel confident that their clients are receiving the best experience with little no irritation from adhesive. Clients are able to wake from their lash nap with stunning lashes, no irritation and the ability to wet lashes within minutes after the service.
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE – Clients are able to wash lashes after 5 minutes, no more waiting 24-48 hours.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – Extensions bonder is NOT a glue. It’s a salon quality accelerator that is certified and advised to be used by professionals with extension glue to speed up the curing process for better results. Due to its premium formula, it is safe to use and gives maximum results to keep up with professional standards and client satisfaction.